Conditions Survey and Preservation Plan

For Pioneers and Soldier Cemetery

MacDonald & Mack Architects, LTD




Appendix A


Preservation Principles for Historic Cemeteries advocate the following:


1).  Documentary research to determine cemetery artifacts’ historical significance.

2).  Physical research to determine the health and stability of historic structures and landscaping

3).  Documentation of existing conditions prior to carrying out repairs

4).  Reconstruction to return markers and landscaping elements to the state in which their creators intended them to be presented.

5).  Cleaning and repair work that retains, rather than strips, the historic character of a particular artifact while removing immediate dangers that jeopardize the artifact’s health in the future

6).  Development of maintenance plans that provide for the health and longevity of structures and landscaping in the cemetery


It should also be noted that preservation experts feel gravestone rubbings should not be allowed on all markers in a cemetery.  Only those stones which have the fortitude to withstand repeated pressure should be subjected to rubbings, although these too will deteriorate with repeated scratching over time.