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Visitor Information

Visitor Information


Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery is located at the intersection of Lake Street and Cedar Avenue in South Minneapolis. The entrance to the cemetery is on Cedar Avenue, the cemetery’s west side. The address for the cemetery is 2945 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55407.


The cemetery is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, from April 15 th to October 15 th. You may schedule an appointment to visit the cemetery during other times by contacting the City of Minneapolis’ Division of Public Works at (612) 729-8484

Cemetery Records

The cemetery has index cards containing burial information about the people buried there. The information on the card varies but usually includes information about the date and cause of death. The card may also include information about a person’s age at the time of death and the address where the person died. Each card also has information about the location of the person’s grave.


Locating a grave

A copy of the cemetery’s plat book, which shows the location of family plots or individual graves, can be found in the caretaker’s office. However, only 1:9 graves is marked, so it is usually necessary to note the location of several surrounding graves in order to find a grave site—this will be especially helpful if you are unsure about whether the grave that you are looking for is marked.


Additional Information about Burials

Friends of the Cemetery is in the process of collecting biographical information about as many people buried in the cemetery as possible. We have several hundred obituaries and newspaper articles about the cemetery’s residents. Those articles eventually will be added to this site. In the meantime, you may contact us at